Making It Right: Apple impresses me once again

Like many others, I sent my old iPod back to Apple during the recent product recall. And like many others, I waited quite a while for the replacement. The wait was over today and once again Apple has gone above and beyond with their customer service. Instead of taking the path of least cost that so many other business do, Apple sent me a new (or referb…can’t tell by looking) iPod Nano that is head-and-shoulders above my old one. Way to go!

Maybe this isn’t that uncommon, I mean many people received one just like me. But when I combine this experience with the time they replace my Magic Mouse that started acting quirky with no hesitation or questions, to the time they replace my entire MacBook Pro rather than making me wait while someone at a shop tried to figure out what was making it crash (and transferred over all my data while I waited)….that is uncommon.

There are people and companies who love to bash Apple about anything they can find, from price to ‘open source’ but if someone can show me a company who takes care of their customers better on BOTH sides of the buying transaction then I’d be surprised (and happy to find another great company to patronize).

It comes down to a culture of doing the right thing, every time you can…because it’s the right thing. And it’s something that every business and person can choose to do.

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